THE END—and onto the new beginning!:

Step aside, dear readers, for there is an exciting announcement to be made! After months of creative exploration, late-night writing sessions, and endless cups of coffee, I am thrilled to share that the final edits for my young adult (YA) novel, “Everything That Was,” are now complete. Last week, I typed the two most beloved words known to authors: THE END. And now, the time has come for Pru and her crew to embark on their next adventure: professional edits begin in July. With each passing milestone, the reality of seeing this literary endeavor come to life grows more tangible. I can hardly stand it!


The Birth of “Everything That Was”:


“Everything That Was” took root in my mind as a study of grief. What happens to a family who loses an integral member, an invaluable piece of their hearts? How does grief affect them individually, and as a whole? This is one of my personal, greatest fears—losing those most precious to me, being left behind to navigate this cruel world alone. It is this space that the protagonist and her family find themselves thrust into from page one. It’s been a year since Davis (son, brother, friend) has passed away. Pru and her family haven’t healed. They aren’t moving forward. They’re stuck, and suffering. Rich with themes of forgiveness, family, and letting go, I worked endlessly to craft a narrative that captivates and resonates with readers on a profound level, for many of us have suffered the weighted pain of great, deep loss, at some point in our lives.


The Emotional Rollercoaster:


As an author, seeing one’s work evolve from a mere idea to a tangible manuscript is an emotionally charged experience. The editing process forces us to detach ourselves from our words, accepting that change is vital for growth. It can be a rollercoaster of emotions—excitement, anxiety, and anticipation all intertwine as we hand over our cherished creation to be refined by professionals. However, this necessary collaboration ensures that our stories transcend our initial vision, and leave a lasting impression on readers.


The Road Ahead:


With the professional edits on the horizon, “Everything That Was” is inching closer to becoming a reality. Beyond the editing process lies the equally thrilling path of publication, cover design, and marketing strategies. Each step brings us closer to sharing Pru and her crew’s adventures. As you can see, a self-published authors journey flows well beyond crafting a delectable plot.


The Blurb To Whet Your Whistle:


Prudence Spellmeyer’s world was always guided by her charismatic older brother. But when Davis passes away before Pru’s senior year of high school, everything ends. Lost in grief, she formulates a plan: Graduate, move to the city, and leave behind her dinky Podunk town full of bad memories. Pru’s only solace comes through gorging on sugary candy, drawing pictures of Davis in her art journal, and dreaming of him every time she sleeps in the backseat of his car.

But when Pru learns she’s failing geometry – a course required for graduation –she’s forced into tutoring with none other than Steve Nolan – her childhood BFF responsible for her brother’s death and ruining her entire life. To make matters worse, Pru’s recurring dreams of Davis take a dark turn, forcing her to depend on Steve for more than just math, and ultimately learning that sometimes the very person who shattered your world might be the only one to help you rebuild it.


 The ARC party:


It is not too late to reserve your free digital copy of Everything That Was. Hit the “home” button at the top of this page, then click the big red rectangle to sign up for the newsletter. We are still currently on task to publish before the end of 2023. I will continue to provide updates, let you all know how the final polish is going and provide sneak peeks of cover and formatting designs when we reach that stage. So, raise a metaphorical glass to the imminent publication of Everything That Was, and to the countless stories held in all authors hearts just waiting to be written. Let’s celebrate the joy of boundless imagination, where possibilities are as infinite as the universes we create on paper. Cheers!


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