Everything That Was sneak peek and status update!


Books rarely seem to use chapter names anymore. I often enjoy that added element in novels, a hint at what’s to come, deeper inner character thoughts or feelings shared. As such, I chose to name my chapters with something personal to Pru, the main character in Everything That Was.


80’s New Wave music was a shared love for Pru and her deceased brother, Davis. Each chapter is labeled with a song that either fits the chapter theme or highlights a thought or an event of note. Readers who listen to the songs are not only gifted a soundtrack for the novel but also gain a deeper insight and connection to Pru. And yes, this means I listened to 80’s new wave practically non-stop while writing to infuse that feeling into the novel.


Here are the first five chapter song titles, with links to listen and read the lyrics.



Darklands by The Jesus And Mary Chain




And She Was by Talking Heads




Real Wild Child (Wild One) by Iggy Pop




Lullaby by The Cure




Regret by New Order



As of the last week of April, I have approximately 70 pages to go. This final edit/re-write constitutes layering more details, expanding dream chapter elements, clarifying that which beta readers found confusing or wanting more. This is my favorite part of the process. The story’s foundation is solid and set and working well. Now, I can dive inside the scenes and breathe more life into the pages. This final pass will fatten the story and make it richer. I am already quite pleased with the results. I hope to have things complete by the end of June. Then, I hand it off to my editor for their professional pass through and begin planning the cover with my graphic designer. I can’t wait to share everything with you. I’ll be sharing cover drafts when we reach that stage.

Meanwhile, enjoy the music and the chance to know Pru, from a fresh angle.




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