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Being an author is not easy, it’s a challenging job even for those with traditional publishing deals. For those of us who do it all ourselves, the difficulty bar rises. Every author—indie and self-published especially, needs a little extra reader lovin’.


Here are 10 ways you can support your favorite indie/self-published author.


  1. Rate / Review the book.


I can’t stress enough the importance of ratings and reviews for authors. If you didn’t like the book, don’t lie but you can soften your words. Be specific. Instead of stating “This book was boring” instead try “This book was not for me, because the writing style was too prose-like.” There are plenty of readers who DO prefer flowery writing. This helps readers determine if a book is right for them or not. The more information you can provide, the better. If you DO like the book, you don’t have to write a lengthy review worthy of a high school AP English student, dissecting every element. Even a short “I really liked this book” along with your rating, can suffice. The more ratings / reviews an author obtains, the higher the book’s visibility.


*Cautionary note: If you see a nasty, negative review do NOT reply in kind. Often this escalates into an ugly words war that hurts rather than helps the author.


  1. Talk to libraries and bookstores.


Although it may seem like every published author has a shot at bookstore shelf space, the truth is, most don’t. If you can’t find your book on their shelves and had to order it online, TELL THEM. If bookstore managers get multiple requests for a book, they will consider stocking it. This also holds true for some libraries, so put in your request and spread the word.


  1. Read the book in public.

How often do you check out the covers of books people read in public? I do. All the time. If it looks interesting, I might even ask them about it. At the very least, if I like the cover, I’ll jot down the title to look for it later.


  1. Recommend the book to others through social media.


Share the cover, the blurb, the author’s website. Even a photo of you with the book and a short “I loved this novel!” helps. Personalizing why you loved said book is also always appreciated. Pin the novel on a board if you have Pinterest. Re-tweet the author’s posts and share their stories on your Instagram. On Facebook, make sure your posts are PUBLIC versus friends only, so they can be shared.


  1. Consider buying the eBook version if you cannot afford a hard copy.


Reading the book is always a great way to support authors. You can’t intelligently discuss it if you haven’t cracked the spine or fired up your E-reading device. While not always free, E-books generally cost less than their paperback and hardcover cousins. Some authors offer their E-books for free on Kindle Unlimited or BookBub.


  1. Suggest it for your book club and/or buddy read

Word of mouth is one of the best ways to spread the news about a good book. If your club members enjoy the read, they are more likely to tell their friends and family, which in turn, helps the author.


  1. Attend author book signings and events.

Even if you don’t plan on purchasing their book, stop by and spend some time talking with the author. Lending moral support goes a long, long way. If you can’t attend an author event in person, sign up for their virtual ARC and book launch parties.


  1. Become a fan.

Follow the author on Amazon. Become a fan on Goodreads. Add their books to your “To Read” list and shelve it on your favorites.


  1. Talk about the book.

Never underestimate the power of word-of-mouth magic. Recommend the book to friends, co-workers, your local bookseller, and librarian. When friends recommend books they personally love, I am more liable to read it myself.


  1. Tell the author directly.

Find their website and send them an email. Letting an author know how their novel affected you is guaranteed to make their day, boost their ego, and keep them writing. Fans are more important than money, to most authors. Personal feedback is adored, I’m sure they’ll love hearing from you.


Do you have other suggestions about how to support indie/self-published book authors? Please post below.


Meanwhile, I appreciate everyone who has supported me and my work over the years. It truly warms my heart. THANK YOU SO MUCH!




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